The sporting world continues to grapple with the reality of the coronavirus pandemic.  Powerlifting Australia is no exception and we have made major changes to the competition Calendar for the next few months.There you’ll see that through to late May all local events have been cancelled and major events postponed.  The Sydney Open plus Pacific Invitational is now in the postponed category and given that Fitness Show Sydney is also being rescheduled, our Powerlifting event may be re-linked to the Fitness Show later in the year.
The Australian Junior and Masters Championships scheduled for May 29 – 31 remain set.  However, conditions at that time are unpredictable and a decision on any change in date or format for that event will be made by mid April.
Those who have entered now cancelled contests will be contacted directly to arrange a credit voucher or refund.  Powerlifting Australia is getting set for events to re-launch mid year and we look forward to seeing you back on the platform then.
HEALTH ACTIVITY RESTRICTIONSAll of Powerlifting Australia’s members have been impacted by the measures necessary to contain the coronavirus.  Training opportunities are restricted for many and the large number of Personal Trainers in our ranks are particularly impacted.  Powerlifting Australia urges all members to follow the health and income guidelines and opportunities that are in place now.  Those tend to change, but you should look to the relevant government bodies for accurate information.
The Australian Government Treasury has details of income support and financial relief programmes.
The Australian Government Department of Health has a number of guidelines as to fitness activity.
However the actual legislation as enacted by the States and that is what determines what training activities you can and can’t engage in – look at the Health Department website for your State.  The actual rules can vary significantly from State to State and it is best to minimize confusion by going to the source regulations.
You would be aware of ASADA’s recent issuance of information as to anti-doping procedures at the current time and also re two of their staff members testing positive for coronavirusNow ASADA have requested that Powerlifting Australia facilitates any of our members returning a positive test for COVID-19, or any members who are reasonably suspected of having contracted COVID-19, getting in touch with them.If this applies to you it is important that you advise ASADA directly as soon as possible, by email to [email protected]If you have any questions on this subject contact ASADA directly on [email protected]
POWERLIFTING FUNDAMENTALSOnline is where everything is happening now and the ever innovative team at JPS Health & Fitness, in conjunction with Powerlifting Australia and World Powerlifting, have created a comprehensive course covering vital information for coaches, athletes and enthusiasts in the sport of Powerlifting.This course covers all things Powerlifting, from the history of the sport, through programming, nutrition, injury management, athlete psychology and more.
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