At last, Australia is cautiously emerging from the restrictions of the last few months and sports are looking forward to resuming. Powerlifting Australia is committed to providing competitive opportunities for its members as soon as can reasonably be done, within all the necessary health regulations. However, our Calendar of events has needed to be adapted to circumstances, with some reschedulings and format changes.

Local events will steadily return and be shown on the PA Calendar page. You can enter there and for the remainder of 2020, members who have a credit from a previously cancelled contest will be given first access to enter an event. That priority access arrangement will hold for 5 days from the date the entries for the event open.
Now we can advise that major events have been innovated and the 2020 to 2021 setup is as follows –

The PACIFIC INVITATIONAL will still be on July 11-12, multi-venued at Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and Hobart, as well as in Auckland and Nauru around the same dates. In Australia this event will be paired with local contests, so just enter that event as per usual and if you make the Pacific division you will be notified. However, all aiming to set international records will be accommodated.


The AUSTRALIAN JUNIOR & MASTERS CHAMPIONSHIPS will now be held at Fitness Show Sydney on September 25 – 27. Entries will open in June. If you have already entered that entry will be carried forward but you will be contacted soon to confirm your place. Should there be any difficulty with that big Fitness event Powerlifting Australia has alternative venues secured and the date will not change.


Fitness Show Sydney will also host the first division of the open AUSTRALIAN CHAMPIONSHIPS. That’s right the Australian Championships will be split in two. Generally, lifters below Elite I will be directed to the Sydney contest and the top-ranked lifters will compete at Fitness Show Melbourne on October 24 – 25. There will be an early entry process to sort entries to one location or the other. Note also that the usual qualifying criteria for all the Australian Championships will be relaxed – details to follow on the Calendar page.

australian-powerlifting-championships-2020 (1)

Then there’s more. Fitness Show Melbourne in October will also be the 2020 OCEANIA CHAMPIONSHIPS. Teams from New Zealand, Nauru and the Pacific will take on Australian teams in an elite open only event, incorporating both that international contest and the top division of the Australian Championships. Thus if you make the Australian team you will be lifting simultaneously in both the Oceania and the Australian Championships. Once again, this date is secured by backup venues should mass gatherings still be an issue in October.


It doesn’t stop there. The World Juniors, Masters and Bench Press Championships in New Zealand, currently sent for December, will go ahead, although the format and exact date remain to be confirmed. And the Open World Championships originally set for Melbourne in October will now be held at Fitness Show Sydney April 30 – May 2 2021. More details on those events soon.


Of course, all those events are subject to the prevailing government regulations at the time, but as far as possible contingencies have been built in to secure contests going forward. Also, it is certainly the case that all Powerlifting Australia events will be run as per the health rules of the relevant State for each contest and to that end PA will have a COVID management plan available from late June, to complement State regulations.

Check in at regularly to keep tabs on events as they open.