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Over 100 lifters took part in the fitness industry’s big event of the year, Fitness Show Sydney at the premier international Convention Centre. In those salubrious surrounds mainland China made its debut on the World Powerlifting stage whilst powerhouse Nauru continued to produce record-setters and Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong also produced top performances.

Amongst the Women, Hong Kong’s best lifter Daniella Means came through with 402.5kg at 63kg to barely pip Giuliana Nannetti’s 380kg at 57kg and Kelli Clarke’s 435kg at 72kg for the overall title. Future champion, 17-year-old Brea de Jonge, up at the other end of the weight scale at 84kg+ set SubJunior records with her eary 462.5kg.

As usual, the standout in the men’s lifting was the Nauruan Goliath, Jezza Uepa. Jezza just missed a record 460.5kg Squat and was likewise on a record 270.5kg Bench but still came through with a quality 1030kg Total. Trailing not far behind was Australia’s Tony Reinmuth, with a PB 905kg Total.

Each of the other classes had quality winners. Weibin He at 105kg was way out in front in that class with 810kg likewise Jiawen Luo at 93kg and Telupe Iosefa of Tuvalu at 120kg. Moore Australian Records came in the 74kg class via Alvin Li with 672.5 kg and the 66kg class with a shrunken down Karl di Falco totalling 619.5kg. Last but not least was Sane Faatoe, Bench Press only and an enormous 236kg at 112kg bodyweight.

From here Australia and Asia Pacific’s top lifters go on to a slew of national and international events. The Australian Championships are on at the Fitness Show Melbourne, the Oceania Championships in Nauru and new international Championships for late 2018 will soon be unveiled.

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Photo credit: David Grady

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