Australian Records

These records represent the best male and female lifts by Powerlifting Australia members in sanctioned IPF competitions which were performed at regional level or higher level or where all 3 referees are of National Level or higher.

Please note: If you have recently broken a record at a competition and the correct level of referees were present, please contact John Myers at [email protected]. Include your weight class and age division to have the record updated and your certificate emailed out.

Frozen Records

At the end of 2010, the IPF changed weight class categories and PA’s equipped records were frozen as a result. The records below represent what was achieved between 1991-2010:

Australia Record Conditions

Records performed in local PA comps are recognised based upon certain conditions being fulfilled. PA must receive positive information suggesting that all 3 referees at the competition are at least National level referees. Official registered weight sets and scales must be used and documented on the scoresheet. If you believe you have broken a National Record not noted here please contact the Records Keeper, Mr. John Myers.


Taken from an excerpt from the PA Regulations: -


6.1 P.A. shall maintain a register of Open Australian Records in the Powerlifting bodyweight, age and sex categories set out in the I.P.F. Technical Rules in force at the time and also for equivalent Raw bodyweight, age and sex categories.

6.2 For performance(s) to be considered for recognition and listing in the register of Australian Records, P.A. must be satisfied that the performance(s) met the following conditions -

(i) the performance was set in an event listed with both P.A. and A.S.A.D.A. as a competition at which drug testing can take place and at which the conditions of Regulation 4.2 Competitions were all met.

(ii) the competition in which the performance(s) occurred was adjudicated by three referees of National or higher grading on the PA register of accredited referees (as per Regulation 7).

(iii) those referees established the conformity with the I.P.F. rules of the scales, barbell, weights, racks, platform and other equipment used in the competition.

(iv) the lifter has, in the case of age-group records, verified his or her age, by means of provision of a copy of their birth certificate, or similar documentation, to P.A.

(v) the lifter setting the record performance.

a. was a member in good standing with P.A. at the date of the record performance.
b. has been a Member of P.A. and thus subject to the P.A. Anti-Doping Policy for at least six months prior to the date of the record performance in the case of Open records and for at least three months prior in the case of Sub-Junior, Junior & Masters records.

(vi) the lifter participated in a separate Raw group or session in the case of Raw Records, Open Australian Records can be set by lifters participating in any group or session of any contest.

The format for the provision of the information necessary for the recognition of a record shall be that of a fully completed P.A. competition score sheet (see Regulation 4.2).

6.3 In all instances, P.A. retains the right to establish minimum standards for the listing of a performance as an Australian Record in any particular category and to reject any record application for a performance which is not equal to or higher than that standard.

6.4 P.A. retains the right to remove, and will so remove, from the register of Australian Records the name and performance of any individual member who at any time subsequent to the record performance is found by means of the due process set out in the P.A. Anti-Doping Policy to have committed an Anti-Doping Rule Violation which has resulted in that individual suffering a suspension of two years or more.