Reasonable Requests for Reimbursement of Funds to Meet

Directors of Powerlifting Australia Local Competitions

Powerlifting Australia commits to covering most costs associated with hosting Powerlifting Australia competitions i.e.:

  • trophies up to 4 (Best Male, Best Female, BP only and a fourth as suited to the event e.g. Most Improved)
  • hire of chairs, partitions, port-a-loos, etc.
  • hire of hall or a modest amount in rent in the order of $300–$500 per day (unless specifically agreed upon by Powerlifting Australia and the meet director prior to competition)
  • reasonable catering for Referees, spotters and loaders, tech desk helpers, ASADA officials e.g. Subway platters, water, soft drinks, coffee
  • consumables including tape, chalk, stationary (attempt cards, announcer cards etc.), cables, minor repairs to competition essential equipment (e.g. platform carpet, rack rollers); excludes toilet paper, electricity, alcoholic beverages, repairs to non-essential equipment (e.g. coffee makers, stereo systems)
  • photographer at cost (if agreed to prior to the event and if Powerlifting Australia gets access to all photos)

Powerlifting Australia will directly pay for medals, referee travel and accommodation, on-site drug testing and other special items deemed necessary and agreed upon by Powerlifting Australia and the meet director before competition.

No reimbursement for capital assets unless specially agreed upon prior to competition and those become assets of Powerlifting Australia, to be listed on our audited Asset Register (e.g. new platform, competition bars/plates, projector).

Host clubs are welcome to set up additional revenue streams at competitions, such as sausage sizzles, drinks stalls and/or merchandise sales. However, all such additional revenue streams must not be in conflict with the contractual arrangements and partnerships of PA with our major sponsors, Eleiko (as supplied by Leisure Concepts) and SBD (as supplied by City Strength). It is also recommended that any supplements and sales thereof be heavily scrutinized and properly assessed to ensure ASADA and WADA compliance.

The reimbursement of funds for expenses will take place via bank deposit by cheque or electronic transaction once the 4 criteria of “post competition wrap-up” have been met. These criteria are:

  1. NextLifter file
  2. photo or scan copy of manual scoresheet (readable quality)
  3. summary of records broken
  4. Llst of Referees to be sent to: [email protected]

The Meet Director will then supply Powerlifting Australia with scans/copies of original
receipts, attached to a consolidated Tax Invoice from the club to Powerlifting
Australia. Once these criteria are verified as complete by the results coordinator, the
reimbursement will occur within 72 hours.

Enquiries to Competition Manager Graham McDonald
[email protected]

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