Late in the year, the Australian Fitness world was treated to three big Fitness and Health Expos in a row in Perth, Sydney & Brisbane, each one highlighting some of the world’s and the nation’s best lifters.

The Perth Expo produced no less than the world’s biggest total ever, with Blaine Sumner (USA) avenging his World Championships defeat with a neatly paced 415kg SQ, 240kg BP and 347.5kg DL for a giant 1002.5kg Total. Another monumental performance was Brett Gibbs of New Zealand with 800.5kg in the 83kg class. And then Australia presented its own stars, Cameron Mckenzie with 851kg at 120+kg Junior & Isaac Maldonado with 733kg at 120kg SubJunior, producing age-group World Records.

On to Sydney and 20,000 fitness buffs saw Deamo Baguga from Nauru take our Amir Fazeli’s World Deadlift Record away with 316.5kg at 83kg. Another World Record came from Daiki Kodama from Japan, 211kg Bench Press at 74kg. And then Josh Hancott came all the way from Canada to set a World Junior Total Record, 692.5kg in that same class. Top Australians were Liz Crazen, cementing herself as our top female lifter with 393kg at 52kg, and Tony Reinmuth just missing the Australian Superheavyweight Total Record with 842.5kg.

The Expo year wound up in Brisbane, with Australia’s best out in front. Jezza Uepa of Nauru was battling illness and was subdued with the cold however still managed a 925kg Total. Promising local Richard Taufa tailing Jeza with 825kg.

Josh Hancott backed up from Sydney the week before, but a torn hand from that Record effort caught up with him & three Deadlifts were dropped here. Jason Clarke from Lismore, Samantha Thomasson from Rockhampton and Paige White were all Australian record-setters – Samantha and Paige taking out World Records, with our talent pool growing ever deeper.

From here on the Australian Fitness And Health Expos and Powerlifting Australia go into 2016 & 2017. Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane are set for mid to late 2016 & then in April 2017 will be the Southern Hemisphere’s biggest Fitness Show, the Expo at the new Sydney Exhibition Centre.