The Southern Hemisphere’s largest Fitness show, the Australian Fitness and Health Expo, is ready to open the doors on Friday 29th April at theMelbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.. 30,000 fitness fans and over 200 exhibitors will take part in three days of action, highlighted by 70 Powerlifting Australia and Oceania athletes striving for records in the Pacific Invitational and Melbourne Open.

From Samoa, Worlds medallist Oliva Kirisome will be challenged by Australia’s Strongest Man, Super Heavyweight Tony Reinmuth. The Womens Supers will see a titanic struggle between Junior World Champions Matile Sitagata (Samoa) and Yani Zhao (Australia), while Deamo Baguaga and Bronco Deiranauw from Nauru will all be attempting World Records. And ready to emerge from the shadows will be Sydney Bench Press specialist Caleb Voice, set to surprise the 83kg world before he goes off to the World Championships. All those stars and more will be in action on Saturday at 1.30p.m.

The Melbourne Open will run all through Friday trade day and Saturday and Sunday, with National Records set to fall in every Session.

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