The 2015 World Powerlifting Championships was a massive affair in Salo, near Helsinki in Finland. 800 lifters and Australia shone through the crowd, with no less than five age-group winners & Open teams placing a solid 14th in the Mens and 9th in the Womens.

The big standouts were two Junior winners, J.P. Cauchi didn’t have it all his own way in the 66s, Moore of Canada taking him down to the last Deadlift but J.P’s 275kg., a one day Open WR, saw him through to a 12.5kg win. In the Junior Women 84kg. Yani Zhao was injured and behind the eight-ball until a last-ditch 182.5kg Deadlift left a distraught Kasperska of Poland & others floundering.

In the other age-groups Sub-Junior Isaac Maldonado was a revelation with a World Sub-Junior Record Total of 702.5kg. At the other end of the age spectrum, 60 year old Laurie Scott was another last-Deadlift winner at MIII 120kg. And in between M1 Australian Mary Giffin was way out in front at 63kg.

Up in the Big League, the tough Open classes saw Australia still to the fore. Our highest-ranked lifter was Kelli Clarke with 4th in the 63s, not far off a Total medal in a tightly packed field. Amir Fazeli was off-form in his pet lift the Deadlift, but his WR survived & Amir came in a highly creditable 5th. Also right up at the top of a super competitive class, Cameron McKenzie forewent a certain medal in the Juniors to tackle the grownups and an outstanding 837.5kg and sixth was his reward. Also creditable was Tony Reinmuth, 12th in a giant field with 850kg. Total, including a 332.5kg. AR Squat.

Onward goes Australian Powerlifting. From here the Asia/Oceania Championships in Uzbekistan are the next challenge, leading through to 2016’s big event, the World Championships in Texas, USA.

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