The Melbourne Fitness and Health Expo hosted the first Pacific Invitational event for 2016 at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre on April 30th. Once again 30,000 plus fitness fans were treated to world class Powerlifting by athletes from around the Pacific region.

Way out in front as the top performers were the superstars of Nauru. Three lifters, three World Records was the score. First up Bronco Deinarauw took the 93kg Squat World Record with 303.5kg. Then came Steven Melekiola, a 222.5kg Bench Press at 105kg putting paid to the World Record there. And as the grand finale Deamo Baguaga deadlifted 320.5kg at 83kg putting Australia’s Amir Fazeli’s old record in the shade.

Another Pacific powerhouse, Samoa, was also forcefully represented, firstly by Superheavyweight Oliva Kirisome. Oliva lodged the biggest total of the day with 930kg at a trim 177kg bodyweight. Also dominant was another Samoan Superheavyweight, Matile Sitagata in the Women’s, who’s 520kg total was only just ahead of Australia’s Yani Zhao, growing in strength and girth with a 507.5kg total at 91kg bodyweight.

Also amongst Australia’s finest was Bench Press specialist Caleb Voice. Caleb was not far short of the World Record with his attempt of 200kg even and will test that mark at the coming World Raw Bench Press Championships in South Africa. The top Australian performance came from Tony Reinmuth, whose 865kg finally took the Australian 120+kg Total record and marked him as officially Australia’s strongest man.

Next up the Pacific Invitational 2 in Perth at the Fitness Expo 19th – 21st August will surely see more World Records fall. From there the Region’s strongest men and women will march on to the mega-event of the year, the 2016 Asia/Oceania Championships in Christchurch in December.

The results for the Pacific Invitational can be found here.