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Oceania Powerlifting Championships 2022

Oceania Powerlifting

Sat & Sun 26-27 November / 9AM AEST
47 Barkly St St Kilda Victoria 3182


Oceania Powerlifting Championships

– Open
– Youth
– Junior
– Masters

in National Teams. Enter as Open and all will lift as Open + you will also be placed in your age group e.g. you might place 3rd in Open and 1st in Junior, two medals.

Oceania Bench Press Championships

– Open
– Youth
– Junior
– Masters

in National Teams. Enter as Open and all will lift as Open + you will also be placed in your age group e.g. you might place 3rd in Open and 1st in Junior, two medals.

Oceania Open

– Open Powerlifting
– Open Bench Press
– Masters Push Pull

Open to all Lifters in Australia – novices, first timers

Enter Oceania Open Here

Enter Oceania Powerlifting Championships


47 Barkly St
St Kilda, VIC 3182 Australia
+ Google Map
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Crest on Barkly

Email [email protected] or call +61 3 9537 1788 for discount rates and cancellation guarantee.


National Teams
– Australian Lifters enter here. If selected in the Australian team for your age group, this will be confirmed by 5th November 2022 if not selected, your entry will revert to the Oceania Open and you will still lift
– Other Nations enter via your WP Affiliate Federation
– If your nation does not have a WP affiliate, apply for individual entry via [email protected]


One change, last Session Sunday is now 3.00pm.start (not 2.30 p.m.). Otherwise the schedule is as planned –

Saturday 7.00a.m.—8.30a.m. Weigh-In, 9.00a.m. Start, 48/53/58/64//62/69kg classes

Saturday 11.30a.m.—1.00 p.m. Weigh-In, 1.30pm. Start, 72//77kg classes

Saturday 4.00p.m. – 5.30 p.m. Weigh-In, 6.00p.m. Start, 85/94kg classes

Sunday 7.30a.m.—9.00a.m. Weigh-In, 9.30 a.m. Start All Bench Press classes

Sunday 9.00a.m.-10.30 a.m. Weigh-In, 11.00a.m. Start,84//105kg classes

Sunday 1.00p.m.-2.30p.m.Weigh-In, 3.00p.m. Start, 100/100+//120/120+ classes

Friday Night Meetings

Referee clinic is now 5 p.m. (not 6) —

5.00 p.m. Referees Clinic + Exam. Four candidates will be doing qualification exams + all Referees are welcome to attend at 5.00p.m. for a briefing on rules

6.30pm. NZ Team Meeting

7.00p.m. Oceania Powerlifting Federation General Meeting – nation delegates only.

All meetings in the main hall, Crest Hotel


This is a World Powerlifting international event and WADA compliant event drug testing will take place. Also, out-of-competition testing may occur any time.


Will be at Topolinos 87 Fitzroy Street c 7.30 pm. — menu service, recommended minimum spend c$20

Bench Press Only – Sunday am

Final timetable at close of entries

Setup etc

Setup ongoing from c 2.p.m. Friday, all volunteers welcome.

Scales, racks, apparel purchases will be available from that time. If scales are required earlier call 0418 366 416 for arrangements.

Rack Heights

You are advised to check your rack heights on Friday. The competition rack will be a new model Samtek with unique rack height numbers but will be tied up on the platform for much of Saturday and Sunday.

Spectators + Streaming

Streaming will be shown on PA, OPF and WP media. In person spectators are welcome, $10 per day.


Volunteer scorers, spotters, etc are still very welcome – [email protected] or 0418 366 416 to step forward.


Coaches are shown on the entry list. Remember Championships Coaches must be NCAS accredited and in apparel as per the rules i.e. complying t-shirt, shorts or tracksuit pants, sports shoes + each lifter’s coach must attend the weigh-in for ID and apparel check

Referee Accreditation

A referees clinic + exam will be held at 6pm. Friday at the venue. This will be for candidates for Provisional, National or World level. Enquire via [email protected]


National team uniform as per World Powerlifting Rules
Bar-Grip shirts are legal
Recommended items at PA Shop


Samtek racks, bars, and discs on platform & warmup

Presentation Dinner

Trophies and medals will be presented at a dinner at Topolino’s 7:00pm Sunday 27th November.
Order from Menu
87 Fitzroy St, St Kilda VIC 3182

Entry Fee

Powerlifting $100
Bench Press $70
Anti-Doping Levy $30


48KGZarli Dickinson (Aus) Simon Bergner2004Youth
53KGFemmy Ayegun (Aus) Jan Roesch1962M60-64
Hollie Kempton (Aus) Simon Bergner1986
58KGSandra Alcorn (Aus) Robert Wilks1972M50-54
Olivia Zhang (Aus) Robert Wilks1997
Eve West (Aus) Sandra Alcorn1977M45-49
64KGWardia Kaadian(Aus) Courtney Pascoe1997
Emily Simpson (Aus) Courtney Pascoe1993
Kirsty Wall (Aus) Zachary Cummins1993
Anne Drury (Aus) Simon Bergner1967M55-59
72KGIsabella Thomson (Aus) Robert Wilks1989
Courtney Pascoe (Aus) Simon Bergner1980M40-45
Bethany Sharples (Aus) Simon Bergner2008Youth
Laura Neal (Aus) Courtney Pascoe1981M40-44
Ning Chien (Aus) Robert Wilks1989
Tayla Reilly (NZL) Hamish McWilliam, Scott Parsons1998
Joelie Scott (NZL) Liz Scott, Adam Mainey2004Youth
Kiren Sandhu (Aus) Oscar Liang1999Junior
84KGAndrea Daley (Aus) Matt McKay1967M55-59
Joanne Edwards (Aus) Matt McKay1970M50-54
Kellie Watson (Aus) Matt McKay1971M50-54
Ann Kohler (Aus) Simon Bergner1952M70-74
Rachel Green (NZL) Liz Scott, Adam Mainey1980M40-44
Massiva Boumaiza (Aus) —-1996
100KGAnnette Parlane (NZL) Adam Mainey1946M75-79
Rachel Griffin (Aus) Courtney Pascoe1973M45-49
Megan May (NZL) Liz Scott1981M40-44
100+KGKrysalin Supeni (NIU) Alan Tano2006Youth
Irene Diacos (Aus) Robert Wilks1996
62KGMike Gardiner (NZL) S Lousich, Liz Scott1968M50-54
Josh McWilliam (NZL) Nigel McWilliam2003Junior
Blanco Wharton (NRU) Jason Wharton1991
Ryan Guillaumaer (Aus) Robert Wilks2004Youth
69KGRobert Frost (Aus) —–1949M70-74
Guy Waldron (Aus) Paul Speering1979M40-44
Alvaro Vasquez (Aus) Matt McKay2004Youth
Abid Khan (PAK) —-1996
Mahassin Daoe (NRU) Jason Wharton1991
77KGShunyao Bai (Chn) Yichen Zhu2001Junior
Alex Paysen (Aus) Oscar Liang2003Junior
Gavin Aquilina (Aus) ——1972M50-54
Ely Smith (Aus) David Smith2005Youth
Ian Gibson (Aus) Simon Bergner1956M65-69
Ayden Harris (Aus) —-2005Youth
Jacob Chaddoud (Aus) (Robert Wilks)2005Youth
Christopher Lee (Aus) —-1988
Tyson Williams (Aus) Simon Bergner1989
Phil Menzie (Aus) Matt McKay1968M50-54
James Stitz (Aus) —-1959M60-64
Grant Oppy (Aus) —–1950M70-74
Matariki Black (NZL) Scott Parsons, Adam Mainey2004Youth
Tony McKenna (NZL) Nigel McWilliam, Liz Scott1952M70-74
Dyke Daoe (NRU) Jason Wharton1992
Jude Zatkoski (Aus) Robert Wilks2004Youth
Traiyth Leffler (Aus) Rhys Bubb2000Junior
Joseph Armanios (Aus) Simon Bergner2007Youth
85KGJames Karnas (Aus) Oscar Liang2003Junior
Marco Kandybko (Aus) Daniel Pollard1961M60-64
Clancy Lester (Aus) —–2001Junior
Daniel Pizzoni (Aus) Ben Hogan2005Youth
Connor Rigby-Ryan (Aus)2004Youth
Simon Jeary (Aus) Karl DiFalco1969M50-54
Jake Boyle (Aus) Simon Bergner1996
Hamish McWilliam (NZL) Nigel McWiliam, Scott Parsons2000Junior
Taggart Duburiya (NRU) Jason Wharton1992
Kilafwa Hiram (NRU) Jason Wharton2004Youth
Jibs El Ahmed (Aus) —-1990
Joshua Genever (Aus) —-2000Junior
Bailey Ilton (Aus) Insane Faatoe2002Junior
94KGBrendan Lomas (Aus) Robert Wilks1988
Ben Hogan (Aus) Robert Wilks1992
Francis O’Leary (Aus) Robert Wilks1990
Gregory Roberts (Aus) Sandra Alcorn1967M55-59
Reuben Wright (Aus) —–2004Youth
Sammy Warrayat (USA) —-1995
Chris Bennett (NZL) Scott Parsons, Liz Scott1984
Kirk Mayo (NZL) Nigel McWilliam, Adam Mainey1976M45-49
Angin Gadabo (NRU) Jason Wharton1985
Wise Temaki (NRU) Jason Wharton2002Junior
Author Kepae (NRU) Jason Wharton2001Junior
James Elkington (NZL) Scott Parsons, Adam Mainey2005Youth
Luca Eramo (Aus) —–1981M40-44
105KGElliott Bendixer (Aus) Simon Bergner1999Junior
Ke Huang (Aus) ——1999Junior
Peter Marinos (Aus) Christian Stranges2005Youth
Paul Speering (Aus) Guy Waldron1979M40-44
Lachie McWilliam (NZL) Nigel McWilliam2000Junior
Alan Tano Puleosi (NIU) —-1957M65-69
Rhys Bubb (Aus) Robert Wilks2001Junior
Muhammad Faizan (PAK) Abid Khan2001Junior
Simon Bergner (Aus) Person or Persons Unknown1987
Matthew Middleton (Aus) —1988
Jordan Blethyn (Aus) Insane Faatoe1995
120KGJoash Teabuge (NRU) Jason Wharton1985
Muhammad Ahmad Ali (PAK) Abid Khan2004
Aelani Mautama (NIU) Alan Tano2008Youth
120+KGChristian Stranges (Aus) Robert Wilks2005Youth
Scott Williams (Aus) Oscar Liang1976M45-49
Steve Lousich (NZL) Nigel McWilliam, Adam Mainey1965M55-59
Seth Snijder (NZL) Scott Parsons, Liz Scott2005Youth
Hon Jesse Jeremiah MP (NRU) Jason Wharton1988
Jayke Clark (Aus) Robert Wilks2004Youth
48KGZarli Dickinson (Aus) Simon Bergner2004Youth
53KGTania Lousich (NZL) Steve Lousich, Liz Scott1971M50-54
Rose Li (Aus) Robert Wilks1998
84KGJoanne Edwards (Aus) Matt McKay1970M50-54
100KGHailey Hilton (Aus) Insane Faatoe2010Youth
100+KGKrysalin Supeni (NIU) Alan Tano2006Youth
69KGRykes Daoe (NRU) Jason Wharton1988
Nicholas Michaelides (Aus) Robert Wilks1979M40-44
85KGJibs El Ahmed (Aus) —-1990
94KGBrad Robinson (Aus) —-1974M45-49
Matthew Hiskens (Aus) —–1985
105KGJohn Dellow (Aus) —–1941M80+
Alan Tano (NIU) ——1957M65-69
120KGDarrell Saul (Aus) —–1964M55-59
David Scadden (Aus) —-1969M50-54
120+KGAllan Sturrock (Aus) —-1958M60-64
Aelina Mautami (NIU) Alan Tano2008Youth
77KGHuon Rispoli Dawe (Aus) Dave Crockford2004Youth
AUS = Australia
CHN = China
NRU = Nauru
NZL = New Zealand
NIU = Niue
PAK = Pakistan
World Powerlifting
Oceania Powerlifting
Sports Integrity
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